Crown Entertainment

Chaplains Without Borders has been providing a Chaplaincy Support Service at Crown for staff and customers since 2007. The Chaplaincy uses new models for participation in spiritual life, and works with those who may have gaming issues, in conjunction with established Crown support service initiatives. The service is free – appointments can be made by calling 1800 456 228.

Southern Cross Station


Located in Melbourne’s CBD, Southern Cross Station is the major centre for state rail and bus travel in Victoria, and they choose Chaplains Without Borders to provide travellers and staff with support. Southern Cross Station has had world firsts in offering a Chaplaincy service, and in opening an inter-faith prayer room (with a kiblah and prayer mats) that provides general counselling for travellers as well as a place for quiet reflection.


Myer is Australia’s largest department store group and has been synonymous with style and fashion for over 100 years. Myer is a leader in Australian retailing and has a strong connection with its customers, with one of the most reputable retail brands in Australia. Myer is known for its strong culture of philanthropy and local community engagement, and Chaplain’s Without Borders is proud to support this valuable Australian company by providing chaplaincy services to its staff and clients.

Melbourne Victory

Chaplains Without Borders is pleased to announce our relationship with the Melbourne Victory football club, providing counselling and general support to all staff and working with the team’s leadership group. The Chaplaincy is focussed on a “whole club” strategy; we work with support staff, office workers, cleaners, volunteers, chairman and board; not focussing on players or coaches exclusively.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Relevant. Valued. Connected. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank are aiming to be Australia’s bank of choice. We are happy to announce that now they are providing pastoral care programs for their staff through Chaplains Without Borders.

La Manna Premier Group

The La Manna Premier Group is a national group of companies providing top quality fresh fruits and vegetables to retailers for over 50 years. They’ve worked in partnership with Chaplains Without Borders on the welfare of their team since 2012!

Clocks at Flinders St Station

Clocks at Flinders St Station, restaurant bar and gaming venue, is in the heart of the city. They also have heart in their work. Chaplains Without Borders now delivers Chaplaincy services to this central Melbourne venue for club workers and guests! Clocks used to get wound up, but not any more… now they’ve got someone to talk to about it.

Doxa Social Club

The Doxa Social Club is committed to the highest levels of responsible service and customer care. Chaplains Without Borders are proud to announce that we are now working with Doxa. Strengthening their pastoral care, Doxa clubs recognise that they have community responsibilities. Their mission is:“to support and fund Doxa Youth Foundation and the service programs that they run, from the hospitality, leisure activities and entertainment provided to its members and customers”.