The Doxa Social Club is committed to the highest levels of responsible service and customer care.  Chaplains Without Borders are proud to announce that we are now working with Doxa. Chaplains will be available at:

The Meeting Place
315 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000


Shop 17, The Concourse, Flinders Street Station,
Melbourne 3000

Strengthening their pastoral care, Doxa clubs recognise that they have community responsibilities. Their mission is:

“to support and fund Doxa Youth Foundation and the service programs that they run, from the hospitality, leisure activities and entertainment provided to its members and customers”.

Doxa have policies and procedures in place to ensure their staff deliver services in a manner that maximises customer enjoyment in a social environment and minimises the potential for harm.

If you have a problem or something troubling you, come and talk to our chaplain. The service is free to patrons and staff.